Overview of the Nym Network

The Nym Protocol is a privacy-focused network using mixnet technology for anonymous communications, protecting users from traffic analysis attacks. It offers superior privacy compared to VPNs and TOR, ensuring user data remains confidential.


The Nym Protocol is a privacy-centric network offering anonymous communication and transactions, protecting users from online threats. Using advanced mixnet technology, it shields metadata and user data from traffic analysis attacks. This protocol provides better privacy controls than traditional methods like VPNs and TOR, ensuring data confidentiality.

Staking is an integral part of the NYM Network.

It is a process by which NYM holders can earn rewards by validating transactions and blocks on the network. Validators must stake a certain amount of NYM and run a validator node to participate in the staking process.

NYM Protocol

The Nym Protocol is a decentralized system focused on enhancing online privacy. It enables anonymous communication and transactions using advanced mixnet technology, protecting metadata and user data from traffic analysis threats. Offering more robust privacy controls than traditional solutions like VPNs and TOR, Nym ensures user confidentiality and security.

With Nocturnal Labs as your trusted validator, staking your NYM becomes effortless. By delegating to us, you're not only supporting validator nodes but also positioning yourself to earn rewards from our dedicated service. Delegate your NYM to Nocturnal Labs and be a part of our journey.

Stake with us

How to

Stake your assets on Nocturnal Labs Validator


Navigate to your NYM Wallet

To get native NYM tokens. You can bridge your ERC20 NYM token to NYM native token on the NYX chain.

To download visit https://nymtech.net/download-nym-wallet/


Select one of the "Nocturnal Labs" mixnodes

Select the "Nocturnal Labs" mix node from the mixnet explorer: (https://explorer.nymtech.net)


Delegate stake through the Nym wallet

Make sure to find one of the "Nocturnal Labs" mixnode that is not exceeding 100% saturation.


Complete the stake

Press the "Delegate" button and enter the amount of NYM you would like to delegate to "Nocturnal Labs"


Confirm the transaction and wait for the staking process to complete.

Submit & confirm the transaction and the staking & delegation process will be complete!


Once complete, you will receive your rewards for staking NYMs.

You will now receive rewards from staking & delegating your NYMs Tokens with Nocturnal Labs!


Stake with Nocturnal Labs now