Overview of the Cosmos Network

Cosmos, known as the "Internet of Blockchains," enables diverse blockchains to interact seamlessly within a decentralized, interoperable ecosystem.

Cosmos Network

The Cosmos Network is an interconnected ecosystem 
of independent, interoperable blockchains built on the Tendermint Core consensus engine. It enables the development of highly secure, permission-less, and scalable decentralized applications. The Cosmos Network is powered by its native cryptocurrency, ATOM, which is used to secure the network and provide incentives for validators to keep the network secure.

Staking is an integral part of the Cosmos Network.

It is a process by which ATOM holders can earn rewards by validating transactions and blocks on the network. Validators must stake a certain amount of ATOM and run a validator node to participate in the staking process.

The Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol enables interoperability between blockchains built on the Cosmos Network.

This allows for the transfer of digital assets between different blockchains, making it possible for developers to create applications that span multiple blockchains.

With Nocturnal Labs as your trusted validator, staking your ATOM becomes effortless. By delegating to us, you're not only supporting validator nodes but also positioning yourself to earn rewards from our dedicated service. Delegate your ATOM with Nocturnal Labs and be a part of our journey.

Stake with us

How to

Stake your assets on Nocturnal Labs Validator


Navigate to your Wallet Dashboard on Keplr

Head over to https://wallet.keplr.app/chains/cosmos-hub


Select the "COSMOS' chain

Search for "Cosmos" and click on the row


Search for "Nocturnal Labs" in the validator section

Search & Click on "Nocturnal Labs" in the validator section


Select the amount of COSMOS ATOMs you'd like to stake.

Press the "Stake" button and adjust the slider to the amount of ATOMs you would like to stake & delegate to "Nocturnal Labs"


Confirm the transaction and wait for the staking process to complete.

Submit & confirm the transaction and the staking & delegation process will be complete!


Once complete, you will receive your rewards for staking ATOMs.

You will now receive rewards from staking & delegating your ATOMs Tokens with Nocturnal Labs!


Stake with Nocturnal Labs now