Overview of the Celestia Network

Celestia Protocol enhances blockchain scalability as a potent data availability layer. By offloading data, it amplifies throughput and security for blockchains. Its ambition is to boost efficiency across diverse applications, from DeFi to decentralized apps.

Celestia Network

The Celestia Protocol represents a breakthrough in blockchain scalability and interoperability, serving as a scalable data availability layer. It allows blockchains to achieve high throughput and security by offloading data to the Celestia network, ensuring that the data is available and verifiable. This way, independent blockchains can leverage Celestia to handle larger volumes of data while maintaining optimal performance and security, fostering a more interconnected and scalable blockchain ecosystem. The protocol aims to support a wide range of applications, from DeFi to decentralized applications, enhancing their efficiency and accessibility.

Staking is an integral part of Celestia

It is a process by which TIA holders can earn rewards by validating transactions and blocks on the network. Validators must stake a certain amount of TIA and run a validator node to participate in the staking process.

Celestia Protocol

Celestia's protocol boasts a modular architecture, enabling developers to easily craft their virtual execution environments, akin to virtual machines. Every application benefits from its distinct execution space, all the while inheriting Celestia's robust consensus security. Plus, applications can evolve without necessitating a main chain hard fork.

Choose Nocturnal Labs as your trusted validator and look forward to a seamless staking experience with your TIA tokens in the future. Stay tuned as we actively engage and evolve within the Celestia ecosystem, reflecting our commitment and passion.

Stake with us

How to

Stake your assets on Nocturnal Labs Validator


Navigate to your Wallet Dashboard on Keplr

Head over to https://wallet.keplr.app/chains/celestia


Select the "Celestia" Chain

Search for "Celestia" and click on the row


Search for "Nocturnal Labs" in the validator section

Search & Click on "Nocturnal Labs" in the validator section


Select the amount of TIA you'd like to stake.

Press "Stake" button and adjust slider to the amount of TIA you would like to stake & delegate to "Nocturnal Labs"


Confirm the transaction and wait for the staking process to complete

Submit & confirm the transaction and the staking & delegation process will be complete!


Once complete, you will receive your rewards for staking TIAs.

You will now receive rewards from staking & delegating your TIAs tokens with Nocturnal Labs.


Stake with Nocturnal Labs now